Castello San Michele

Via Archimede 161, 00197 roma ( Italia )


Piazza Castello, 1, 01020 San Michele In Teverina VT

An antique Renaissance Castle, nested in an authentic village surrounded by the Calanche Valley and close to Viterbo.

Built between the 12th and 16th centuries, this historical castle belonged to the most prestigious noble families Baglioni, Medicis, with key characters such as Marie de Medicis, the Queen of France, Colonna, Farnese and last but not least Montholon, the close friend of Napoleon who lived there for a period. Suites and private apartments offer today a unique experience. The gardens, pool and castle terrace make this estate an ideal place to stay in, under the sign of History and Wellness. The Castle living rooms are filled with the fascinating history of the estate. The private suites, apartments and noble room offer a wide hosting choice under the sign of History. The castle has a unique location, enjoying a stunning view on the Valle dei Calanchi national park, and on Civitella di Bagnoregio, as it is built on a promontory, surrounded by former walls and towers, around a quiet square. It is located at the end of a charming village with the authentic flavors of the bakery and shops of the past.


Pirro Baglioni

€ 165,00