La Maliosa - UNI

La Maliosa - UNI

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  • Organic and regenerative wine, produced with care and passion in Tuscany
  • Manual selection of the grapes, natural fermentation and without chemical additives
  • Complex and surprising tasting notes, with fruity, floral and tertiary
  • Different food pairings, to fully enjoy the intense emotions of this lively and constantly evolving wine.


La Maliosa UNI 2021 Toscana IGT.

La Maliosa UNI 2021 Toscana IGT is a red wine made exclusively from Procanico grapes, harvested from vineyards located at about 300 meters above sea level in the Pitigliano area. The training system is the counter-espalier with guyot pruning, double fruit head, while the cultural care is carried out according to the CorinoTM Method, an exclusively plant-based closed-cycle regenerative agriculture. Harvesting is done through a rigorous manual selection of grapes, and fermentation is natural with native yeasts. The wine matures in wooden barrels for about 8 months and no oenological interventions or additions of additives, including SO2, are made. The color of the wine is ochre yellow, the nose has notes of ripe fruit, flowers, saffron and cumin, while in the mouth it is vibrant, structured, with a refined tannic side that dialogues with softness and an intense persistence.

Examples of food pairings:
We suggest pairing with warm seafood appetizers; fresh egg pasta; fried fish and cod; meats, including red; medium-aged cheeses. Try with a sbriciolata of cantucci and zabaglione when well oxygenated and with creamy desserts.
La Maliosa Uni is a living wine, constantly evolving; we recommend you take the time to enjoy its transformations and pair it at all stages of the meal, as per the ancient custom of the territory.

Serving temperature: 

A few degrees lower than room temperature.
We recommend aerating the wine for a few minutes before tasting it