Dark Chocolate Bar: Criollo Guasare 70%

Dark Chocolate Bar: Criollo Guasare 70%

Criollo Single Variety: the chocolate bars that contain a single origin variety of Criollo chocolate, to taste different flavours of each prestigious cocoa plant.

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  • Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Guasare: rare variety considered the mother of all Criollo varieties.
  • Cocoa grown on the plantation of Domori in Venezuela since 2002
  • Notes of almond, caramel, old rose and cream
  • Made in Italy


Criollo Guasare is one of the most precious and ancient varietals and is preserved and valued in all its purity. Considered the mother of all Criollo varieties, it has been cultivated in the plantation of Domori in Venezuela since 2002.

Among the chocolate connoisseurs it is known for its finesse and for its aromatic characteristics: notes of almond, caramel, ancient rose and cream. Devoid of acidity, it has great sweetness and roundness. Perfect for those who love chocolate to be enjoyed in all its fullness!

Since its origins, Domori works on the recovery and preservation of the biodiversity of the Criollo cocoa varieties: a fundamental work, made possible thanks to the collaboration in Venezuela with the historic Hacienda San Josè. It is thanks to this collaboration that Domori today can offer chocolate lovers the opportunity to taste cocoa in its different varieties rich in aromatic nuances. 

The bars of the Criollo Single Variety line contain individual exceptional varieties of Criollo cocoa, allowing those who taste them to savor the different nuances of each individual plant. A tasting journey of absolute quality and elegance.