Single Origins Gift Box - Assorted chocolates

Single Origins Gift Box - Assorted chocolates

Precious tasting casket containing 30 Napolitains Single Origins: a journey to discover the aromatic notes of the precious cocoa Trinitario and Nacional.

19,00 TAX inc.


  • Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Fine and aromatic cocoa: Trinitario and Nacional
  • Short label: only 2 ingredients
  • Made in Italy


Gift box containing 30 chocolates (napolitains) for a complete tasting of the Single Origins line, to discover all the unique aromatic notes of the different countries of origin of the precious cocoa Trinitario and Nacional.

The coffret contains 30 Napolitains of 4.7g each.:

  • 5 napolitains Venezuela al 70% - a napolitain with a persistent taste, characterized by a delicate and fresh aroma with notes of almonds and coffee.
  • 5 napolitains Madagascar al 70% - a napolitain with an intense aroma, with aromatic notes of red fruits, cashews, pepper and cinnamon.
  • 5 napolitains Perù al 70% - a napolitain with a cocoa variety much appreciated in high quality pastry, with notes of flowers, caramel and milk cream.
  • 5 napolitains Ecuador al 70% - a napolitain of the Arriba Nacional variety, characterized by an extraordinary roundness and elegant aromatic notes of white flowers, dried fruit and spices.
  • 5 napolitains Colombia al 70% - a napolitain of Trinitario variety with notes of caramel, cashews and ripe fruit, aromatic and elegant.
  • 5 napolitains Tanzania al 70% - a napolitain characterized by dominant notes of cocoa and spices, with a fruity aftertaste.

Trinitario cocoa is an aromatic cocoa, its production covers 8% of the global cacao harvest. Trinitario is a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero: in this way some aromatic and sensorial varieties of Criollo are combined with the strength and resistance of Forastero, giving life to a unique cocoa.

Domori has recovered this precious cocoa, which it collects from plantations located between Latin America and Africa: in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar and Tanzania.

The Nacional, also known as Arriba or Arriba Nacional, is a fine cocoa originally from Ecuador. With enviable aromatic notes, this variety of cocoa is also classified among the most valuable ones. It represents about 2% of the world harvest.