AQUA TREVI Casa - Rosso di Roma

AQUA TREVI Casa - Rosso di Roma

Home Fragrance with sticks

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  • Top Notes: Red Grapes, Strawberry Berries
  • Heart Notes: Grass Accord, Pineapple, Red Grapes
  • Base Notes: Noble Woods
  • Made in Italy


For those who want a powerful, enveloping, inebriating, memorable home fragrance. AQUA TREVI – Home – Red of Rome.

Convivial like a good glass of red wine. Intense in colour, deep in the olfactory experience. Warm and welcoming vibrations, in the typical Roman and Italian hospitality.

The Rome of taverns with checkered tablecloths, the Rome of good food and a toast with friends: a fragrance gathers the energy of the desire to live and the goliardic Roman atmosphere... the one in which "La Romanella and tarallucci” never fail!

A Made in Italy perfume with fruity, earthy and sweet notes. AQUA TREVI – Casa – Rosso di Roma.